Resisting the phantasm of binary logic!
EGG (Eternal Greatness of Mind, Dr. Heidi Salaverría and Dr. Christian Gefert)

The philosophy shows from EGG show philosophical dimensions of the libidinal everyday life. Philosophical knowledge is not a requirement, but it does not really bother either. The shows speak to laymen as well as to experts of life. Anyone who is willing is invited to participate, and those who are not, might experience a thing or two.

The paradigmatic two-pole figure of our society is that of the heterosexual couple. Despite its consistent failure, the phantasm of symbiotic romantic love lives on, and neither heterosexual nor homosexual love is free from those phantasms. Thinking as much as desire struggle with the phantom of the binary – something our genitals have in common with philosophy. Positive and negative, self and other, reason and madness, invagination, evagination, and imagination are symbiotically enmeshed in unholy ways.

The philosophy show will cure heartaches and the suffering from binary term pairs such as male/female, rational/irrational, same/different. The tragic-comic situations of women and women and men and men in couples who get caught/entangled between the imaginary and the real of pairings, is a parable for Adorno’s observation that 'there is no right life in the wrong one.' The task is to think differently about "female," "male," and everything in between and/or else. Only in this way the violence of the unhappy dualistic relationship with the world can be cured. We can be only rescued by a different way of thinking. And feeling.