Winter 2018/19

University of Hildesheim, Between Down-beat and Off-beat Thinking (and Feeling) – Performative Approaches.

Summer 2018

University of Hildesheim, Female Sexuality – Performative Approaches. With Katrin Wille.

Winter/Fall 2017/18

University of Hildesheim, Humor and Critique – Performative Approaches.

Summer 2017

University of Flensburg, Humor and Cruelty

Winter/Fall 2016/17

University of Flensburg, Freedom and Subjectivation

Winter/Fall 2015/16

University of Flensburg, Philosophy of Education

Summer 2015

University of Flensburg, Critical Common Sense I

University of Flensburg, Critical Common Sense II

Winter/Fall 2014/15

Conservatory of Nuremburg, Music/Freedom – between Improvisation, Interpretation, and Composition

University of Flensburg, The Political Philosophy of Judith Shklar

Summer 2014

University of Flensburg, Identity and Violence.

Winter/Fall 2013/14

University of Flensburg, Aesthetics and Politics.

Conservatory Nuremberg, Rhythm.

Winter/Fall 2012/13

University of Flensburg, How Does the New Emerge?

Conservatory Nuremberg, What is Beauty?

University Lüneburg, Critique and the Power of Judgment.

Summer 2012

University of Flensburg, The Political Philosophy of Judith Butler.

Winter/Fall 2011/12

Conservatory Nuremberg, The Creativity of Doubts. Workshop.

University of Heidelberg, Recognition and Alterity.

University of Lüneburg, Critique and The Power of Judgment.

University of Flensburg, On Judgment.

Summer 2011

University of Flensburg, Media and Critique.

Winter/Fall 2010/11

University of Flensburg: What is a Doubt?

Summer 2010

University of Flensburg, Borders of the Body.

Winter/Fall 2009/2010

University of Flensburg, De/con/struction of the Sexes.

Summer 2009

University of Flensburg, Popular Culture. Questions of Aesthetics.

Winter/Fall 2008/2009

University of Flensburg, On Cruelty.

Summer 2008

University of Hildesheim, Experience and Consciousness of Time.

University of Hildesheim, Rhythm.

Summer/Winter 2007/08

University of Hildesheim, Sensus Communis. Introduction into Aesthetics.

University of Hildesheim, Introduction into Philosophical Reading and Writing I.

Summer 2007

University of Flensburg, On Recognition.

University of Vechta, Ethics of the Other.

University of Vechta, Intro into Aesthetics.

University of Hildesheim, Kant. Critique of Judgment.

University of Hildesheim, Introduction into philosophical Writing and Reading II. Readings on Performativity.

Winter/Fall 2002/03

University of Lueneburg, Deconstruction and Pragmatism.

Summer 2002

University of Lueneburg, Pragmatist Perspectives of the Body.

Summer 2001

Organisation of the Conference of Scholars, Studienwerk Villigst; Workshop: Fragments on Ethics and Responsibility. Levinas, Adorno, Kafka.

Conference of scholars, ev. Studienwerk Villigst: Organisation and co-direction of the Symposium Holocaust and Antisemitism – Questioning the ‚Third generation’ with the „Arbeitsgruppe Holocaust.“

Sommer 2000

Villigst: five-day-Seminar, On Solidarity (with Antje Mansbrügge).

Summer 1997

Villigst: six-day-seminar, Feminism and the Borders of thr Body (with Silke Häußler).