Political and Aesthetic Borders of Space

at: Salon of the German Association of Artists (Deutscher Künstlerbund), FRISE, Art House, Hamburg.

Tourism in "Hotel Identity"

Talk and Radio Feature, Art Project: Hotel Hamburg, Jan Holtmann.

What does it mean for Art to "Appear in Public"?

Art Association Gießen, "Landesgartenschau."

Panel Discussion on Doubts

With Thomas Vazek, Chief Editor of the Philosophy Magazine "Hohe Luft," Hamburg.

Copyduty? A Critique of the Aesthetic Practices of Recognition

November 2012, in: Mash-Up-Arts? On Intellectual Property in the Age of Technological Producibility. Symposium of the Association of German Artists (DKB) and of the Berlinische Galerie, Berlin. www.kuenstlerbund.de

The Eros of Doubting

October 2013, Gießen. www.kuemmerei.org

Judith Butler. Paradoxes of Thinking Non-Violence

August 2013, Philosophical Society Bremerhaven, www.phg-bhv.de

Critical Common Sense, Aesthetic Situations, Doubts

October 2012, Dortmunder U, Sym­posion Association of German Artists (Deutscher Künstlerbund ), „Ideas and Utopia.“

Enjoying the Doubtful. On the Aesthetics of Doubt

(In English). First European Pragmatism Conference, Rome. http://www.nordprag.org/epc1.html

On Love and Libidinal Osmosis

Magic Talk Show Manuel Muerte, February 2012, Kampnagel, Hamburg.

Recognizablity. On the Verge of Inhumanity

in: Workshop Alterity and Recognition, in: Exzellenzcluster 243, The Constitution of Normative Orders, Goethe-University Frankfurt a.M.

Critical Common Sense and Reflective Judgment

(In English/Spanish) Symposium: Confines of Democracy. The Social Philosophy of  Richard Bernstein, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Toledo, May 18 - 22. (with Richard Bernstein, Robert Westbrook, et.al.)

Recognition and Alterity

Co-Organisation of the Workshops‚ with Andreas Hetzel and Dirk Quadflieg, Exzellenzcluster 243, The Constitution of Normative Orders, Goethe University Frankfurt/M. 

Pragmatist philosophy shows: extraordinary implications of the ordinary

(In English) Institute for Philosophy, SFB „Cultures of Performativity:” Conference on Performance and Philosophy, Free University Berlin. (http://psi-ppwg.wikidot.com/berlin-2010)

Critical Sensus Communis

The Artist Feeling. On Networks of Artists. Symposium of the International Society of Arts (IGBK Berlin, http://igbk.de/en/) and the Art House FRISE (www.frise.de).

Normative Spaces. Introductory Lecture to the Vernissage of Michael Kress

YO AQABA. With Laurence and Lennon and the four Musketeers through the desert into the cinema, Landdrostei Hamburg.

Locating the Self. Spaces of Pragmatist Agency

Philosophical Society Bremerhaven.

Where is ‚One’? On the Rhythm of the Sense (with Derrida and Dewey)

Philosophical Kolloquium, University of Hildesheim.

Precarious Recognition. The Space of Intersubjectivity with Levinas and Butler

at:  International Conference of the German Society for Phenomenological Investigation, University of Darmstadt October.

Recognition and Humiliation

Symposium, philosophical Institute, university of Hildesheim.

Particular Reflexivity? Pragmatism between Critical Common Sense, Doubting, and Habits

Philosophical Colloquium, The Structure of Reflection – Self-Consciousness and Critique, Evian, France.

Pragmatist Agency? Critical Common Sense from Peirce to Rorty

Conference talk at: Pragmatism – Philosophy of the Future? International Conference, June 2006, University of Darmstadt.

Critical Common Sense, Pragmatism, and Moral self-Positioning

(in English), The Landscapes of Cultural Studies, Conference, Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurth, Austria.

Kant, Dewey, and Breakdance

(in English), in: Youth, Culture, Creativity. Symposium at the Music Conservatory Köln, July.

Levinas. Death and the Other

Philosophical Multimedia Performance, at: Facing Death. Philosophical Performance with Experiment Philosophy, Kampnagel Theatre, Hamburg.

Before the Law. A Pragmatist Reading of Kafka

University of Braunschweig

On the Anarchy of Laughing. Multimedia Performance

at: Philosophical Performance with Experiment Philosophy, Kampnagel Theatre, Hamburg.

Derrida + the Metaphysics of the Fly

Philosophical Multimedia Performance with Experiment Philosophy, Kampnagel Theatre, Hamburg.