Hyper Cultural Passengers

Concept and curator team of the international Art/Philosophy Project Hypercultural Passengers, funded by the city of Hamburg, started in 2016. With Michael Kress and the Artist run Space FRISE.

Lecture Performances

Lecture Performances are talks, which in my case include performative elements, such as improvisation as well as visual elements like philosophical drawings (Seminars).


THINKING_BODIES! Philosophy Performance Symposium

Performance Philosophy Symposium, January 29/30, Ampere, Munich Germany
The symposium examines the relation of thinking and the body in Performance Philosophy – specifically in terms of Nonhuman Thinking and Body Politics – by presenting performances, video installations, workshops, lecture performances and an experimental panel discussion, asking questions such as: What happens at the “fringes of our consciousness” (William James)? What is “becoming animal” (Deleuze/Guattari) like? When does a gesture become subversive? Is thinking always parasitic?

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What does it mean for Art to "Appear in Public"?

Art Association Gießen, "Landesgartenschau."

Copyduty? A Critique of the Aesthetic Practices of Recognition

November 2012, in: Mash-Up-Arts? On Intellectual Property in the Age of Technological Producibility. Symposium of the Association of German Artists (DKB) and of the Berlinische Galerie, Berlin. www.kuenstlerbund.de

The Libido Battery Charger. The Economy of Desire

Philosophy Show, Episode 2

(freely adapted from Butler and Laurie Penny, unfreely adapted from Marx and Lacan)

The currency of the capitalist love order is desire. As much as money, desire never is distributed evenly – a one-sided accumulation of libidinal ...

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The Merry Night of City Neurotics!

Which one is your favorite neurosis? Do you sometimes wonder if the stove is still on, while already sitting in the train? Or do you suffer from God complexes ...

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Critical Common Sense, Aesthetic Situations, Doubts

October 2012, Dortmunder U, Sym­posion Association of German Artists (Deutscher Künstlerbund ), „Ideas and Utopia.“

On Love and Libidinal Osmosis

Magic Talk Show Manuel Muerte, February 2012, Kampnagel, Hamburg.

Conversational Art

with Kurd Alsleben/Antje Eske, ZKM – Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany  (http://on1.zkm.de/zkm/e/about):

Filmclip: „Unconstrained Talking is a form of Art.“ (http://www02.zkm.de/videocast/index.php/aus-dem-archiv/archiv.html)

Pragmatist philosophy shows: extraordinary implications of the ordinary

Institute for Philosophy, SFB „Cultures of Performativity“ Conference on Performance and Philosophy, Free University Berlin,  (http://psi-ppwg.wikidot.com/berlin-2010)

“Critical Sensus Communis,” The Artist Feeling. On Networks of Artists.

Symposium of the International Society of Arts (IGBK Berlin, http://igbk.de/en/) and the Art House FRISE (www.frise.de).

Normative Spaces. Introductory Lecture to the Vernissage of Michael Kress

YO AQABA. With Laurence and Lennon and the four Musketeers through the desert into the cinema, Landdrostei Hamburg.

Kant, Dewey, and Breakdance

(in English), in: Youth, Culture, Creativity. Symposium at the Music Conservatory Köln, July.

On the Anarchy of Laughing. Multimedia Performance

at: Philosophical Performance with Experiment Philosophy, Kampnagel Theatre, Hamburg.

Derrida + the Metaphysics of the Fly

Philosophical Multimedia Performance with Experiment Philosophy, Kampnagel Theatre, Hamburg.