Which one is your favorite neurosis? Do you sometimes wonder if the stove is still on, while already sitting in the train? Or do you suffer from God complexes (nocturnal insomnia caused by guilty thoughts of having deeply shaken someone with something you have said, although that person doesn’t even remember anymore the conversation)? Do you sometimes experience the pedestrian magnetism (you come across someone on the street and try to divert, the other one diverts symmetrically, you risk to collide, and so forth – keyword: repetition-compulsion), or the acoustic communication feedback (tense situation – both silent – both start speaking at the same – silence – simultaneous start, shame, silence, etc., etc.)?

Come to us, we will save you! We provide martinis (the first one is on the house), the band plays cool jazz, there will be disturbing parlor games and a short and competent, but all the more uptight lecture on Freud's theory of neurosis with bad punchline timing. Woody Allen's movies run in the background, and at the end the most beautiful obsessional neurosis will be awarded! Of course, you can observe the whole hustle indifferently in order to jazz up your stinky mood and, by that, ideally foster your November depression. In any case, you should not miss this exquisite event! Because you will feel very lonely and excluded, once everyone else talks about this evening later on.

Modern Life School, www.modernlifeschool.de