Philosophy Show, Episode 3

Often we make the other our oracle of self-confidence – as the authority of prophecy which will tell us whether we are lovable or not. Then we believe that the other will be the source of our self-image. In fact the opposite applies: Through our interrogation we declare our image of the other as the authority of our own identity. At the same time we run the risk of only loving the sacred oracles, which we see in her/him. "I only love you just as long as you match my ideal image of you. Do not show me who you are, but be the way I see you." In the ecstasy of amorous projections both lovers seek to find the truth of their self-image, yet only find brittle forms of recognition. But is there love without image projection?

EGG consults Hegel – the oracle of the dialectic. And Hegel speaks about the mystery of self-consciousness in the struggle for recognition and the ecstasy of love-images as one stage of spiritual development. At the end, master and servant are facing each other and nothing remains, as it was ...

June 2013, Golem, Hamburg.